The Core of the Mission

The Core of the Mission

By: Steve Champeau

Living in a world surrounded by the constant flow of information has its benefits. Better business decisions can be made at a quicker pace, decisions on technology to deploy, or companies to do business with, and even personal decisions like the best schools to send our children to, can all be made on pretty solid ground without a lot of guess work. However, I cannot help but reflect upon how things used to be just a couple of decades ago, and some of the long lost benefits that era once provided that seem to have been lost today.

I recently read a leadership book about company values that was given to me by a long time customer/friend, which caused me to reflect on my 40 years in the life-safety arena. I began to specifically think about company mission statements, and the importance of having a succinct message to ensure customers are served consistently well. The definitions and purposes of a company mission statement are numerous, but all sound very familiar to this one:

"A written declaration of an organization's core purpose and focus that normally remains unchanged over time." –

Seems pretty simple. A mission statement simply describes why a company exists. Some describe a company's mission statement as a statement of purpose; their "true north," for the sole purpose of ensuring their employees keep in mind what makes the company successful. But something seems amiss.

In a book entitled, "The Principal of the Path," Andy Stanley says, "It's your direction, not your intention that determines your destination." Upon further research, I realized that many mission statements tend to leave out a very important part of their respective business; their impact on the community. In other words, what is the specific end result of what a company does for the community it serves? It is not uncommon to see mission statements that convey simple ideas about how their company makes life easier, or how they provide exceptional service.A grander "duty", a grander "calling" seemed appropriate to me.

When I thought about Iverify, the safety and security solutions company for which I have the distinct honor to be a part of, I realized that our team needed to really think about our mission statement and determine if it truly stated who we are. To be candid, I felt our mission statement needed to be clearer.That we needed to make a bolder and more complete statement to our team members and to you, our community of business partners who have entrusted Iverify to support your mission of protecting your employees and customers within the communities you serve. With this in mind, I am proud to share Iverify's new mission statement:

"Making the world a safer place for people to live, work and play."

When the Iverify team created this new, fresh and complete mission statement, a newfound passion was awakened. The Iverify team has always strived to avoid complacency, and to truly make a difference.This new mission statement will go a long way to ensure that we do. At Iverify, we deliver life safety. A more important deliverable does not exist in our world. Through interactive audio/video, intrusion and fire alarm installation and monitoring, CCTV solutions, access control, unattended delivery monitoring, and remote compliance auditing, Iverify allows you, our customers, to provide the same life safety benefits to your customers in the communities you serve. To us, there is no greater accomplishment.

About Iverify

Iverify, a leader in interactive audio and video, has designed a solution to assist companies with OSHA compliance, reducing violations and hefty fines. Through the use of highly skilled Protection Specialists, Iverify monitors your premises to ensure fire exits are not blocked, electrical panels maintain proper clearance, fire extinguishers are accessible and that due care is demonstrated in OSHA safety compliance; ultimately creating a safer community.

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