Iverify is the nation’s largest full-service interactive security company providing life safety, loss prevention, cyber breach reduction, and brand protection. 

You can leverage our consulting, design, installation, monitoring, and interactive services to support your unique business security needs. We’ll align technology, information, processes, and people for maximum effectiveness and efficiency. You’ll be able to leverage our interactive presence to create a safer environment for your employees and customers – while protecting your assets and reducing shrinkage. 

Join the thousands of customers who Iverify protects every day, including; large and small retailers, automotive dealerships, logistics and property management companies, and a host of other business types


Proactive. Interactive. Experienced. Expertise.

Our team is positioned to deliver precisely
what you require with single source efficiency.



Perfect solutions that are flexible and scalable.

From high-end, high-value boutiques to high-risk convenience store locations, only Iverify’s scalable, location-specific interactive real-time video security can be tailored to...
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With Return On Investment proven on major auto retailer lots across the country, Iverify’s experience in loss prevention via interactive video monitoring is clearly the cost-effective choice to protect customers, staff and inventory 24/7 by providing...
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Recognizing the special needs of financial institutions, Iverify’s unique real-time interactive video capabilities, both to support existing systems and to provide far more cost effective protection than traditional guards, including...
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Protecting your people, assets and intellectual property requires a comprehensive security strategy. By taking a consultative approach, our highly trained and experienced team will work with you to develop a security plan that is both comprehensive and scalable to meet your needs now and in the future...
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Real Results for Loss Prevention & Operations. Our intelligence-based alarm systems reduce shrink by greatly limiting opportunities for employee and vendor theft. Our system was designed with grocery in mind and allows us to separate the store into areas, thereby providing automated time windows for production....
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